Friday, August 26, 2011

Green Corrosion on Copper Pipes

Kathryn & Lou Wrote:
Dear Clean Water Store - We are starting to have occlusions in a few of the pipes! I am noticing green corosion on the outside of copper pipes. Horrible black stains in the toilet, sinks, and I do have an ultraviolet system that is regularly changed. Here is a sample of our water.

My Response:

Hello Kathryn & Lou - Here are the results of your water analysis from the sample you sent in:

Results: Source: Kitchen pH: 6.51 Iron: 0 PPM Manganese: 0 PPM Hardness: 120 PPM Hardness: 7 Grains per Gallon Total Dissolved Solids ('TDS"): 240 PPM Tannin: 0 PPM Water Recommendations: The water analysis showed the water is acidic (low on the pH scale). Acidic water can corrode piping, fixtures and appliances.
A calcite neutralizer filter, will neutralize the pH and help eliminate the corrosive effects of the water. Many customers with this type of water previously had blue-green stains from copper pipe corrosion and after installing the neutralizer see their blue stains disappear within a few weeks. Since calcite neutralizers will raise the hardness of the water, an optional water softener may be used after the neutralizer. Prices include Free Shipping in the U.S.: Calcite Neutralizers - The neutralizer filter comes with everything you need including the calcite media and simple instructions. Any plumber or person familiar with basic plumbing can install them. These neutralizers require little maintenance. Once a year, just add more calcite to the neutralizer tank. Most customers use 25 to 50 lbs a year. We sell 50 lbs for $79. Please click on the link below to see more information on these filters. The 1.5 cubic foot size one is typical for a home with 1.5 to 3 bathrooms, although we have 1.0 cubic foot and 2.5 cubic foot sizes as well: Acid Neutralizer Calcite 7000 1.5 Cubic foot; $649 Price includes FREE Shipping Includes 150 lbs of calcite with shipment Uses 25 to 50 lbs of calcite per year Purchase additional calcite for $79 per 50 lbs including shipping Dimensions: 10" diameter x 61" height 1"pipe size 
Optional Filter Strainer 1" 60 mesh $69 Use if there is sand or grit present Great for pre-filtering the water before automatic filter systems. No filter cartridges to change! Easy to flush out sediment and grit. Warranty and Guaranty: Six Month Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee: try it for six months, if you are not happy return for refund. See 10 Year Warranty on Filter Tanks. 5 Year Warranty on backwash control valves. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email for more information.

Best Regards, Gerry Bulfin CWS-IV Certified Water Specialist IV Clean Water Systems & Stores Inc. Office toll-free: 888-600-5426 My direct line: 831-531-4431 Fax: 831-515-5119