Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Type Of Neutralizer Should I Use?

George Wrote:

Dear Clean Water Systems -
The pH of my water is 4.7 and it is soft. I don't want to raise the hardness, but I do want to neutralize the pH as it is eating up my copper pipe. What type of neutralizer should I use?

George J.
Folsom, Pennsylvania

My Email To George:

George - An excellent way to adjust pH without adding calcium hardness is with the use of a soda ash injection system.
A soda ash system is usually necessary when the pH of the water is less than 5.0, or if the water is very high in hardness (over 150 mg/L) a soda ash feeder is a good choice. The Stenner soda ash pump is wired so that when the well pump turns on, the Stenner pump turns and pumps in some soda ash solution into the pipe before the water enters the pressure tank.

Here is the link to ordering the systems, they are in stock and include free shipping. Here are links to the items:

P5001620 Soda Ash Pump 40 Gallon/Day $379

T4000490 Soda Ash Solution Tank 35 gallon $150

Contact mixing pressure tank 40 gallon $318
Dimensions 16" diameter x 53" height
Gives contact time for allowing soda ash solution to mix in the water.

C6000050 Pro Soda Ash 50 lb Bucket $69

If there is no room for the contact tank, you can also use a static in-line mixer:

Inline Mixer 1" with 1/2" Injection Port for injecting soda ash: $149
Allows rapid mixing of soda ash solution into the water

For the soda ash feeder, generally one has to inject about 100 ppm of a saturated soda ash solution into the water, to raise the pH to the 7.0 to 7.4 range. The pump we recommend for most residential applications is the Stenner 85MHP40 which can pump up to 40 gallons per 24 hour period of soda solution. This is more than enough for well pump flow rates of up to 30 gallons per minute. The pump is fully adjustable and can easily be adjusted to achieve the desired pH.

You can see diagrams on this page showing the systems are installed. Click on this link and scroll down on the soda ash page to see the diagrams:

Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.

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