Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bad Odor After Carbon Filter

Hello Clean Water Store -  I have a well with a chlorinator and carbon backwash filter, and I have recently started to get a bad odor After the carbon filter. What causes this?

Dennis - what you describe is common with fouled carbon. It may need to backwash more frequently to kill bacteria that can be thriving in the media. After the carbon filter, there is no residual disinfection, so the bacteria can grow in the pipes, as long as the water is not flowing. Once you start to flow the water on by-pass with a chlorine residual, the odor will be gone quickly.
You may want to rebuild your carbon filter and shock-chlorinate the empty carbon tank, the UV and the pipes with a chlorine residual, and let the chlorinated water sit in the pipes for 6 hours or more to try to kill the bacteria slime in the pipes.
If you need to order carbon, let us know.

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