Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What is the Difference Between the Pro-OX-5900-AIR Iron Filter and Other Air Charger Iron Filters?

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"What is the difference between the Pro-OX-5900-AIR iron filter and the other Air-Charger or Iron Breaker iron filters?"

The biggest difference is the unique 5900-AIR control valve that doesn’t need to backwash everyday like most "air charger" iron filter systems. This feature can save thousands of

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sediment and Bacterial Filter

Hello Kimberly,

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I have sediment in my water coming thru my pipes and I need a bacterial filter as well. What do you suggest? Do you have a Bacterial Light disinfection filter and sediment filter all in one”

We don’t offer one single system that combines both, instead, we would recommend a sediment filter followed by a separate Ultraviolet Sterilizer system.  There are a couple of really good reasons to do it this way though.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Orange Staining with No Rotten Egg Odor

Hello Nolan,

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“This is a seasonal lake home in northern Wisconsin.  Iron problem common in Wisconsin.  Orange staining, slightly acidic.  No gelatinous biofilm, no manganese staining, no rotten egg odor.  House has a 3/4 inch line from well, but have not performed the flow rate yet, but do know I have to do that.  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms.  Currently a family of 3, with one on the way.  Weighing options of Pro-Ox (without air but possibly side chlorine tank), or the Pro-Ox air.  Also considering an acid neutralizer filter, and softening down the road.  Wondering if the Enpress vortech tanks are available for all these treatment methods, as we shut down and winterize during the winter months.  Please advise what would be the best options in this scenario.  Also advise if I need to run further lab tests”

Well, I would be inclined to recommend the Pro-OX AIR system because your iron is extreme, at 11.3 mg/L.  We usually say that a standard Pro-OX filter does a good job at taking iron out up to about 5 ppm.  Beyond that, though, usually it needs to be paired with pre-oxidation, either an aeration system or a chlorine injection system, or else it won’t take all the iron out.  So I would think the Pro-OX AIR system would be appealing in your case, because it can handle a lot more iron, usually up to around 10 ppm or more.

Monday, January 4, 2016

7 Easy Steps to Test Your Well Water Flow Rate

Hello Peter,

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“been at this location 10 years , go through faucets , dishwashers , drains , and one hot water heater every year . Harr well drilling replaced existing treatment system 2 years ago . still having problems”

Ok sir, first of all, you wrote that your flow rate is 1.6 gpm.  That’s really low, where did you get that number from?  You could barely run a shower with a flow rate like that.  
If you need to run a test on your flow rate, here are instructions on how to determine flow rate for wells with pressure tanks:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Terminator Iron Filter Resin: What Should You Use?

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How much resin do I need for a terminator iron filter? Is there a certain type to buy for this system?”

As far as how much you need goes, it depends on the size of tank that you have.  What are the dimensions? 

Softener and Chlorination 101

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“Will be putting a chlorination system and softener“

Alright, so by that do you mean you are looking for a recommendation on a specific chlorine injection system and a water softener system? Here's what we offer and recommend as far as what goes into a chlorine and softener combination system:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stinky and Staining Water

Hello Pete,

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“well water smells and stains sinks “

According to the results you shared, the problems appear to be the presence of high iron and sulfur odors.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Standard tank VS Vortech Tank

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looking at a calcite system, what are the differences between a standard tank and the vortex?”

Here’s our official descriptions of the different tank options:

Friday, December 11, 2015

How Much Bleach is Enough

Hello Luke,

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How much bleach should I add to an 8,000 gallon tank if it is a 8.25% solution vs a 5% solution (clorox)?”

Well, it sort of depends on why you’re chlorinating and what kind of residual you’re trying to achieve.  If you’re shooting for a 5 ppm residual and allowing the tank to then sit for 12 hours or more (which is common if you’re trying to kill bacteria in the tank), you could use this chart here:  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ozone-ing Olive Oil

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I'd like to make OZONATED OLIVE OIL. Can 500i do it? Do you have available stone tips and silicone tubes? I'm ready to try this unit and plan to buy 2 for less money.”